Recent articles and blog posts on Americans for the ArtsArt Works, Next City, Barr Foundation, and ArtPlace America that highlight my Artist in Residency experience at the Metropolitan Area Planning Council!

Everett Earthworks Sculptural Garden (Summer 2018)     

How can we encourage more socially inclusive public art and audiences? (Summer 2018)                                                                                     

Meet the Young Artists Featured at MAPC – about the art commissions I organized. (10/29/18)                                                                

Local school growing world’s largest Chia HeadBy adamg, (06/01/2013)

Sneaks in Bartlett Yard
Abraham, Yvonne. (8/29/2013). Let’s open the door to the arts in Boston. The Boston Globe.

Summer 2012 Bird Blind Project for the Waltham Land Trust
Waltham blog: Brand New Watch

Boston Harbor Traffic Light
Carlock, Mary. (April 2011). Review, HarborArts, Boston Harbor Shipyard Gallery. Sculpture Magazine. Pg. 68.

Bumpkin Island Art Encampment:
NPR Interview “Looking Out: On Bumpkin Island, It’s ‘Survivor’ For Artists” 8/5/2010

Artwork on Bumpkin Island: