Everett Earthworks Sculptural Garden (Summer 2018)     

How can we encourage more socially inclusive public art and audiences? (Summer 2018)                                                                                     

Meet the Young Artists Featured at MAPC – about the art commissions I organized. (10/29/18)                                                                

Local school growing world’s largest Chia HeadBy adamg, (06/01/2013)

Sneaks in Bartlett Yard
Abraham, Yvonne. (8/29/2013). Let’s open the door to the arts in Boston. The Boston Globe.

Summer 2012 Bird Blind Project for the Waltham Land Trust
Waltham blog: Brand New Watch

Boston Harbor Traffic Light
Carlock, Mary. (April 2011). Review, HarborArts, Boston Harbor Shipyard Gallery. Sculpture Magazine. Pg. 68.

Bumpkin Island Art Encampment (Curating):
NPR Interview “Looking Out: On Bumpkin Island, It’s ‘Survivor’ For Artists” 8/5/2010

Artwork on Bumpkin Island: