Boston Harbor Traffic Light

traffic light
Winter 2010 – 2015
East Boston, MA
Materials: Oriental bittersweet vines, recycled plastics, corroded gutter pipes.
Dimensions: 3′ x 12′ x 2′

The traffic light explores the idea of navigation and crowd control, while contrasting natural and human constructs. It is a navigational aid taken out of context, scale, and material from its usual habitat at vehicular intersections, to the Boston Harbor waterfront. Vines and trash were sourced across the harbor on Bumpkin Island.

This sculpture was selected to be featured in HarborArts, an International exhibition of sculptures in the Boston Harbor Shipyard. HarborArts, Inc. is a collaborative community whose sole purpose is to protect and preserve our oceans and waterways by helping each of us to understand the issues and solutions facing our blue planet. HarborArts uses monumental sculpture and public art to raise awareness of their mission. 

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