Sole of Rockland

As Artist in Residence for the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC), I worked with REiMAGINE ROCKLAND and as a team with Annis Sengupta, Senior Arts and Culture Planner to develop a creative placemaking project to engage the community in a downtown revitalization effort.

The Sole of Rockland used participatory art to recall the history and inspire new thinking about the future of Rockland’s Union Street commercial district. I developed the concept and design for an art cart, modeled after a shoeshine cart where residents and visitors highlight the most valued downtown places on a map, and create unique watercolor footprints. Some footprints were turned into stencils and painted on the sidewalks at Rockland’s favorite places. Some footprints were hung in an empty storefront window. We worked with Rockland High students to hang the art and paint the shoeprint stencils. Click here to visit the MAPC website for more information!


The second phase is underway as part of this project – to create sculptural seating that incorporates the shoeprints as markings on butterfly forms. A group of youth from Images, the student publication of arts and writing, put out an open schoolwide call for poetry and selected and organized submissions. Poems responded to thoughts/themes on transformation. Students are painting these poems on the butterflies this Spring, and they will be touched up by Rockland artists this summer and installed in collaboration with the Rockland Highway Department. Some works in progress:




Butterflies are in the school currently being painted by students.


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