The hummingbirds were conceived during the Spring while the pandemic was relatively new and I was taking stock of my scraps and celebrating the abundance of interesting materials that I had found and been gifted over the last decade or so. Because my son’s school was cancelled, I was unable to work very much during the emergence of Spring, and so I had time and space to really enjoy it with my son! With all the uncertainty and simultaneous abundance, I felt that I was vibrating at a very high frequency and called to learn a thing or two from Hummingbirds by exploring their imagery. Hummingbirds high vibration allows them to quickly and gently approach and pivot, and even move backwards. Despite their small size, some Ruby-throats may travel from Canada to Costa Rica.

I created two Ruby Throated hummingbirds, which are indigenous to our region, as an offering to the Three Sisters Gardens that are in honor of Bryson Aura Hendricks, a Mashpee Wampanoag child who passed away at 4 years old. My prayer is that the hummingbird medicine support Bryson’s family and community in navigating and moving through the layers of grief, and coming back into enjoyment of life despite this colossal loss.

I created another family of hummingbirds who flew to the walls of Third Cliff Bakery in Jamaica Plain! The transformation of collaged natural elements and scrap materials made from trees are juxtaposed against the newness of this beautiful new space and tie in with the plants. Meg’s baked creations are profoundly delicious and I am excited that my hummingbirds are harmonizing with these high vibrations! So happy that the hummingbirds are adding to the levity as the Third Cliff Bakery takes flight!

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