Souper Dress Memorial Seed Exchange


Roxbury, MA to Worcester, MA and back to Roxbury in 2022

In collaboration with the Egleston Square Branch Library

Modeled off the concept behind the little free library, the seed exchange is a place for people to leave packets of seeds they do not need and for folks to take seeds to plant in their own gardens. People are invited to pick a packet, leave a packet; have fun gardening and sharing within your community.

I chose to work with materials from the Campbells Souper Dress to alchemize the essence of consumerism that this disposable dress was created to promote and turn it into a garment to encourage regenerative community gardening practices.

I felt a deep sadness as well as hope and sense of accomplishment to have created this work. There is so much work needed to restore balance between what we humans consume and how we sustain natural systems that sustain us. I was humbled that the installation of this work aligned with the installation of Toshi Reagon’s Parable Path Boston artist residency project called Seed to Harvest and Carrie Mae Weems’ Resist COVID / Take 5 posters. 

The librarians kept the seed exchange stocked, and we are excited to bring it back April 2022, in tandem with planting a 3 sisters garden out back for people to learn about and care for.

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