Mystic Fireflies

32 Colorful Fireflies have arrived are at Rivergreen Park and 32 are in a newly restored meadow near the Blessing of the Bay Boathouse in Somerville.

These firefly sculptures amplify a commitment to a more balanced relationship between humans and natural ecosystems. Fireflies are crucial to the ecology of New England’s native fields, meadows, forests, and wetlands – and they experience habitat loss as these areas become degraded or vanish due to development and poor land use management. Restoring biodiverse habitats will invite fireflies and other important pollinator species back to our community.

The sculptures are built of local recycled materials and aluminum wings, with original designs by young people from Everett. Solar-powered LED lights allow the fireflies to light up the night sky!

The Everett fireflies were funded by Everett Citizens Foundation in partnership with the City of Everett. The firefly sculptures celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Mystic River Watershed Association. The firefly sculptures represent our team’s commitment to a vibrant, healthy, and resilient Mystic River, and celebrate MyRWA’s mission to restore natural habitats throughout the Mystic River Watershed.

I designed, built and installed these fireflies in collaboration with The City of Everett, Offshoots Productive Landscapes and Mystic River Watershed Association. The wings were fabricated by SRP Signs, and were decorated with unique designs by a collaboration between 8th grade and 1st grade students from the Madeline English School, led by Science Teacher Bruce Jaffe in Everett, and 6th grade students at Arthur D. Healey School, led by art teacher Mikkel DellaCamera in Somerville.

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