Mapping the Dorchesterway Installation

April-June 2015
Boston, MA
Medicine Wheel Gallery
Installation 5′ x 5′ x 12′
Oriental Bittersweet vines, bamboo, plywood, stone, driftwood

Working with the idea that anything can be arranged so as to promote a harmonious flow of energy, bamboo and oriental bittersweet vines from Franklin Park express an intention of being firmly grounded while also taking flight.

More about Mapping the Dorchesterway, from

“The group exhibition, Mapping the Dorchesterway Part Two, features nine artists from Mattapan and Roxbury* and is part of Medicine Wheel Productions’ multi-year Brooch Project “that is engaging the communities along the unfinished link of Olmsted’s Emerald Necklace” park system.

Both Mattapan and Roxbury are home to many acclaimed artists working in all disciplines (visual, literary, performing, etc.). This exhibition is highlighting a very small fraction of the accomplished visual artists who live and/or work there. Almost all of the artists featured in this show all create their work in one of these beloved neighborhoods and they are all also very active in working to making their neighborhoods, and by extension Boston, shine. Many of the artists in this exhibition are teaching artists. The majority of the them run, serve, work, and/or participate in arts based organizations that support other artists and provide needed cultural and arts programs for the City of Boston.

The featured visual artists (in alphabetical order): Ekua Holmes, Maddu Huacuja, Lana Jackson, Carolyn Lewenberg, Derek Lumpkins, Cagen Luse, Helina Metaferia, Hakim Raquib and Kristen Belton Willis. The art work on view ranges from installation, video, sculpture, painting, mixed media, photography, textiles, to performance. Many of the artists in Part Two have shown their work nationally and/or internationally.

The Brooch project is building links and dissolving barriers between communities historically separated by the boundaries of geography, race and economics. Brooch explores crossing boundaries, which keep our communities separate, bridging these communities by sharing in the experience of the creative process and engagement in cultural action. This project is connecting Joseph Moakley Park in South Boston, with Franklin Park in Roxbury, Dorchester, Mattapan, by following one of Boston’s central travel routes, Columbia Road. Columbia Road is also the unfinished segment of Olmsted’s Emerald Necklace.  The Brooch Project is highlighting the “gems” of the communities that comprise the unfinished link of Olmsted’s Necklace. These nine artists are some of those many “gems”.

Special thanks to Maddu Huacuja for helping with the installation of the exhibition. Medicine Wheel would like to thank the United Brotherhood of Carpenter’s Local 33 for  building the new gallery wall and Home Depot for the donation of the wall building materials. We would especially like to thank: Joe Byrne, Rile Rhodes, Dave, Brian and Terry all of Local 33 and Assistant Manager Yeelay, Paul Berry, Charles Kirkland, and Suelly Doveiga all of Home Depot in South Bay.

*In Fall of 2013, Medicine Wheel’s Spoke Gallery featured the Indigo Project – a solo show by  Roxbury-based Ife Franklin.

Medicine Wheel Productions (MWP) is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to transform communities from the inside out by inviting all members to participate in the healing and transcendent power of public art.  MWP’s Spoke Gallery is an innovative program that seeks to act as a hub for artists of all disciplines who want to join the conversation.”

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