Buoy Starbursts

Hull, MA
Lead Artist, with support from Amanda Hill (Walls on the Water)

Buoys are a familiar sight in Hull, as they are used to mark lobster pots and sometimes get cut off from their tether and then wash up on shore. Buoy is a word that is related to the word “buoyant” which means “able or apt to stay afloat or rise to the top of a liquid or gas, and another meaning is “ cheerful and optimistic.” In the spirit of buoyancy the Buoy Starbursts are conceived as a community arts element for a new Art Garden and Art Walk connecting the boardwalk and beach area with the new garden.

There will be 6 buoy starbursts created this summer. Hull High School students have painted about 40 buoys, and an additional 30 buoys were painted at a community event in May. Here is the structure that the buoys will be installed on:


The starburst form represents the explosion of new energy coming to Nantasket beach in the form of new investment and expression. The community engagement approach to constructing these starbursts demonstrates a commitment to the understanding that beauty is in variation and an inclusion, and that interconnectedness is what creates a sense of place.

Work in progress on the first prototype:

starburst in progress

Come visit Hull later this summer to see these on the Artwalk and in the Art Garden that are being created this summer.


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