Schools of Thought on Climate Change

Lead artist, in collaboration with MAPC’s Public Health and Arts and Culture Team

Schools of Thought on Climate Change shares stories about people’s views on climate change and about actions people are taking in their workplaces and community to prevent, or prepare for, or adapt to climate impacts. The art installation shares findings from focus groups recently completed with workers across farming, construction, fishing, and home healthcare about the role of climate change in their industry. Thanks to the Harvest New England Conference, Associated Builders and Contractors of Massachusetts, Red’s Best, and the 1199 SEIU United Healthcare Workers for their partnership in this project.

Koi fish symbolism is common in both Japanese and Chinese culture. They are often associated with ideas of determination and resilience in the face of adversity, given their ability to swim against currents and travel upstream. Using materials from each industry – farming, construction, fishing, and home healthcare – schools of koi-inspired fish represent workers’ efforts determination to thrive in the face of climate change. Viewers were invited to read their words in the bubbles overhead to gain insights into their perspectives and to learn how climate change is already impacting these workers and the actions they think are necessary to prepare and adapt. People were invited to share their own stories of resilience.

views on climate change board

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